Hand-held Spinners - Metal Free

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A fidget for people who don't wear rings, but still want something small, compact and pocket sized they can carry around.  

These spinners are about an inch and a half across and a half inch wide, small enough for most people to be able to spin them one handed, but large enough to not get easily lost.

There is no bearing in these fidgets, which makes them spin a bit more slowly than their bearing-including versions.  There is a bit of a raspy sound when these spin, similar to the fidget rings.  

The top and the bottom are identical patterns, with the middle band being a solid color. The band comes in either smooth with a rounded edges or textured with a honeycomb pattern.  The spinning bands match the background color unless otherwise specified.

All the printed parts are 3D printed using PLA, which is a biodegradable polymer, most often made from corn.