Math Blocks : Classroom Manipulatives that demonstrate borrowing

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Take base 10 blocks to the next level. 

The set comes with unit cubes and brackets for 10, and in the end that’s all that is needed! By filling and emptying brackets students come to understand the relationship between numbers - ten is what happens when we put together 10 ones. With regular base 10 blocks you see that they mean the same thing, but with these manipulatives you really learn that they ARE the same thing. Using brackets on the other side of the unit cubes you can combine groups of 10 into hundreds, extending the lesson into larger numbers.

Carrying and borrowing has never made more sense.

The base blocks are printed in a colored plastic, and the brackets are printed in translucent plastic to reinforce that they are simply holders, and not an item to be counted. 

Each set comes with : 

  • 12 brackets 
  • 100+ blocks 

Sets can be customized upon request! Please email with any requests or questions.