Rainbow Snake Wearable Fidget

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This fidget is made up of multiple 3D printed ball-jointed parts that can be pulled apart and reconfigured and rearranged, twisted, coiled and fiddled with multiple ways.

Each link is roughly 1 cm (1/3rd inch) in length. 32 links will join together for a bracelet over 10 inches in length, and each additional set of 16 adds another 5.25 inches.

Samples photoed are a 48 in rainbow, and a 32 in blue.

Please note that while I've done quite a lot of sanding and filing off any pointed or rough edges, there is a chance of pinching because of how the joints work. Because of that and how small the individual joints are, this is not a toy for small children as it may present a choking hazard.

All the parts are 3D printed using PLA, which is a biodegradable polymer, most often made from corn.

Note for chewers: Please add a note with your order specifying you wish chew-safe PLA. This PLA is made in the US and much of it specifies that it uses FDA approved material and colorants. Please get in contact if you have any concerns or wish to know more!

Rainbow - Every color in the rainbow, and then some!

Blues - Different shades of blue

Greens - Multiple shades of dark and light greens

Neons - The brightest of the brights! Featuring fluorescent yellows, greens, oranges and pinks

Earth Tones - Muted tones of browns, tan, sage green, clay red and deep sea blue

Metallics - Silvers, golds, bronze and copper

Black, White and Grey - When you just have that desaturated feel

Fire - Reds, oranges and yellows

Night Sky - Dark blues and purples, blacks and grey, mixed glitter filled and solid.