The great Tokukei giveaway

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Over the years I have made a lot of toku themed stuff, and bought stuff to make even more of it. But it's never really sold much in the shop, meaning it's time to trim it back so I stop tripping over it in the shop.  What does this mean for you all?  Cheap toku themed goodies.    

How cheap?

Basically, you're just gonna be paying shipping for these.   My only request is one per customer for the freebie. If you'd like others, check out the rest of the Tokukei collection (most everything in there is marked down already). That collection will also give you a decent idea what's in this giveaway!

If you have a favorite Rider or Sentai member, leave a message at checkout or email me after and if I have something with that character's theme, you'll get it.

In the grabbag pile: Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, keychains, phone charms.  If you'd prefer not to get earrings, just leave a note or email!