The Weekly Freebie

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The weekly freebie is an item pulled from the seconds pile; an item that just didn't pass the high standards held for everything else.  For pendants, there might be an air bubble, for printed items, it just might not have printed as well as it should have, for others, it might just be something that's been gathering dust in the studio long enough that I'm tired of looking at it.  

What's this week's freebie?  Its a mystery!   But it won't be anything that requires a specific size or requires something not everyone has (ie, no rings or earrings.)  As a note, any pendants in the freebie pile will not be on a chain.   (You can order a chain here)

There's a limited number of these that get put up roughly every week, available for the price of shipping.   These are limited to one per person, so if you order multiples, you'll only get one in your package.  

All freebies are sold as-is, no customization, no refunds (you are getting it for free, after all!)