Hearing back

Posted by Francesca Bellin on

Every now and then I get a message from someone (often a parent) who has ordered a fidget ring from me, letting me know how much it's helped them or their child; that it's redirected picking, helped them focus in school, or even just that they love it and never take it off.  The amazing feeling I get from reading those messages I just... wish I had words for.  Knowing that something I made is making a difference in someone's life is just such a wonderful, almost indescribable feeling.

Part of why I started making and selling fidgets was that for me, making fidgets was my fidget.  Constantly tinkering with the design, coming up with new patterns, finding ways to make them spin better, hold up under more pressure... it kept my mind busy and focused.  Fidgeting with the rings themselves kept me calm during dentist appointments,  and for one of them, the dentist even commented how the fidget I was using (one of the UFO spinners) was doing amazingly well at keeping me from having a panic attack (something I have had a problem with in the past.)  

Hearing that the rings I've made are helping others cope with their anxiety, stress or related issue as well just makes me so very very happy.  They're things that help me get through bad days and slumps, and keep me moving when every part of my brain is kicking up a fuss like a tantruming 3 year old.  

So thank you, to everyone who's shared their stories with me.  I appreciate it so very deeply. More than I have the proper words to express.