Doing the Eco Thing : Small steps for a better future

Sustainability is a complex issue, but one I've always kept in mind with everything I do with Kinetic Color Foundry.   I’ve made it a priority to use recycled, locally produced, salvaged, non toxic and renewable products:

  • The plastic used in my products is PLA, a renewable, bio-based material made from plant sugars. Almost all the PLA used by Kinetic Color Foundry is produced in the US from US sourced material.  Some of it is even recycled!  And waste prints are melted down to use for other projects. 
  • All paper used is made from recycled and/or FSC certified sources
  • All boxes used in shipping are made from recycled paper, some as much as 100% post consumer. 
  • All padding and fill material is reused, recycled or both!
  • The mailers used are 100% recycled plastic, using recycled paper that puffs up to allow for a lightweight package, reducing the energy cost of shipping.  They even have a 2nd adhesive strip to allow for reuse. 
  • The cloth bags that orders are packaged in are made by me from scraps from independently owned fabric shops and local charity thrift shops, sewn on a vintage sewing machine, often with second hand thread to further minimize their ecological impact.