Materials information

The majority of all listings will include a breakdown of materials used for the information of those with metal or other allergies, and almost all items can be adjusted or remade to exclude specific materials on request. (Please note there may be a small charge for items that need to be remade and remade items may look slightly different.) Please email with any specific questions or concerns you may have. 



The majority of metals used in my works are nickel free. All earrings can have their hooks exchanged for nickel free hooks on request. 


The plastic used in my products is PLA, a renewable, bio-based material made from plant sugars. Almost all the PLA used by Kinetic Color Foundry is produced in the US from US sourced material.


Other Materials 

Beeswax is used in some beaded items as a thread conditioner.  A blend of beeswax and olive oil is used on most spinner rings for better and smoother spinning. 


Allergy Concerns

All items are made in a non-smoking household that is pet friendly.  If you have any allergy concerns please email