Mini Hand Spinners: Pocket sized fidgets (Metal Free)

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Fidgets for those who want a small, portable spinner but don't wear rings.

These small pocket fidgets are a bit over 1 inch in diameter and half an inch fat; large enough to be satisfying to play with, small enough for even the smallest hands and the pockets of women's jeans.

The top and the bottom are identical patterns, with the middle band being a solid color that either matches or coordinates with the background of the image of the top and bottom.

Current designs:

North Star: Midnight purple "sky" background with a silver star.
Flames: Deep red flames on a translucent orange-red background
Ying Yang: Black and white yin yang with a grey band
Night Sky: White stars on a sparkly dark indigo "sky"
Tri-Spiral: Gold spirals on silver with a silver band.

This is an updated version of this fidget, now without the bearing, making it entirely metal free! All parts are 3D printed using PLA, which is a biodegradable polymer, most often made from corn.

Want different colors? A different pattern/image? Almost everything about these is customizable, so request away!

Please note colors may vary slightly from photos due to changes in filament. 

Thanks for looking, and please check out the rest of my fidgets and stim toys section!