Kenzaki's Bracelet from Kamen Rider Blade (Cosplay Item)

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When I started making Toku things, one of the things I always kept looking for were the beads to make Kenzaki's bracelet. After 2 years of searching, I realized that it would be far easier, now that I had a 3d printer, to just make the beads myself. (this, of course, set off a hunt to find the right color translucent blue filament, but that's another story for another time...)

The end result, is this bracelet.  Hand painted, 3d printed beads with metal spacer beads on stretch cord. The cubes are roughly 16mm square and printed hollow to allow light to come through. 

The "very small" size is roughly about 5.5-6 inches,  "Small" is 6-6.5 inches,  "Medium" is 7-7.5 inches, and large is 8-8.5 inches. 

Since these beads are 3d printed, all aspects of this bracelet can be customized! And for your cosplay needs, I can also make Kenzaki's wallet chain on request.

Please note that these beads are printed on demand, and it takes 2 days to ensure the paint has dried properly before they can be strung. If this is going to be for cosplay, please plan accordingly and order sooner, rather than later!