Kinetic Color Foundry Filament Collection : Index

Photo of Kinetic Color Foundry's Filament storage roomTo say I have a large assortment of filament would be an understatement. 

I currently have over 200 different spools and coils of filament from at least 15 different manufactures; some disappointingly similar (at least 5 shades of blue that are near exact matches) and others surprisingly unique (a single spool of turquoise.)   In an effort to reduce choice paralysis and limit redundancies, a little over half of these options are included on the filament choice image included on customizable listings.  But here, I'll be cataloging (almost) all of them.  (Black filament, for the most part, all looks the same, and there's very few variations on white.)

Filament by Color:

Additional information:

The following brands of filament have offered additional information and/or certifications:

  • Toner Plastics
    • PLA filament has RoHS, REACH and California Proposition 65 regulatory compliance 
  • MakeShaper
    • Uses FDA-approved polymers and colorants