Bead Sorter Cups for low effort separation of multiple sized beads

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New:  Thanks to everyone's super helpful feedback, I've created version 2 of these sifter cups! This new design features cups that fit together tightly and need a light bit of squeezing to seperate them.  This allows for easier shaking of the sifter tower and far less chance of things being knocked over and spilled.   Version two also has larger, easier to read labels and arrows pointing the direction that the beads in the size listed will be.  


For when you have a mess of different sized beads and don't want to sort them out by hand: A bead sifting tower. 

How it works: Stack the tower with which sizes you want to sort out, largest size higher up. Snap the bottom cup onto the bottom, then pour your bead mix into the top cup. Put the lid on, and then holding the entire thing in your hand (two handed for the most balanced grip), give it a few shakes up and down and/or in a swishing motion. The beads that are the size labeled on the cup or smaller will sift through the layers until they come to rest on the layer that's too small for them to pass through, with the smallest ones gathering in the bottom cup. If some beads get stuck in a cup layer, simply invert the cup and gently poke them back out with a pencil or any other handy tool.

The cups are roughly 2 inches around and about 1 and a quarter inches tall.  All sets also come with a lid and a solid bottom cup.

All the parts are 3D printed using PLA, (a bioplastic) and can be customized on request. I can make these sifters for almost any size bead.

Lindsay Star also did a super awesome write up on these on her blog here: