Chewable Necklaces for Adults

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Made with a combination of food-grade silicone beads and glass seed beads, these necklaces are someone who wants a necklace they can chew on or squeeze, but also wants something stylish that doesn't scream "teething necklace."   

The necklaces are strung on cord that has been coated with beeswax to allow for something soft with give that can also be gnawed on, but that also can stand up to washing. (As silicone beads are very prone to picking up dust, lint and crud, it's frequent hand washing is recommended.)    The silicone beaded section measures roughy 9 inches, a good enough length to cover however you want to chew or squeeze, and glass beads make up the rest, minimizing the amount of hair that might be caught in the silicone.  Necklaces are adjustable between 17 and 22 inches.

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