Comic Book Pendants : Batman

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"Do you have any of Batman where he doesn't look disgruntled?"
"Well, he was in a pretty crappy crossover..."
"... Batman's gotta get a new agent..." 


The comic shop near where I grew up had an amazing collection of "junk" comics, books that had languished, unloved, for years in their basement room. While a few overlooked gems lived in those long-boxes, most of the books down there were ostracized for good reason. But just because the story is bad, doesn't mean that the art was, and with that in mind, I grabbed quite a few, hunting for images that could be transformed into something wearable.

This collection of pendants are results of that transformation, salvaged from the pages of junk comics and given new life as jewelry. Set under a glass dome cabochon, suspended on an adjustable chain, these pendants are a great way to make a statement, or start a conversation.

All pendants can be re-fixed to a keychain or bag clip on request, and if you have a specific character you're looking for, ask away!