Comic Book Pendants : Green Lanterns

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Images saved from damaged vintage comic books. Set under a glass dome cabochon suspended on an adjustable chain, they can be re-fixed to a keychain or bag clip on request.

I've got to admit. I never really read any Green Lantern growing up, so most of my knowledge of this series is second hand.  When I had my friend who is a major Lantern fan look them over, she busted a gut laughing at me for being able to ID Guy, but not Hal. 

Most of these images came from that awful Millennium crossover, a comic rescued from the 10 cent bin at the comic shop near where I went to college.  Pretty sure they had been in that basement room the first time I plundered the cheap comic bin when I was small enough to still be living on allowance money...    (and yes, I did read all of the comics these came from before tearing into them.  Regrets. I have them.)