Retrowave Series Beaded Loom Bracelets for Tactile Stimming while Looking Fancy

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This collection beaded loom bracelets was made with the bright neons and high contrast colors of the late 80s and early 90s in mind. Neon green pink and blue pop against a black backdrop, flanked by transparent beads to give the illusion of a neon glow. 

These bracelets are made of multiple beads of the same size so that the beads roll under your fingers and have a wonderful, smooth feel to them.  A super fancy looking stim that you can wear without anyone looking at you funny for distractedly running your fingers over the small, smooth bumpy texture. 

The thread used is super strong and has been conditioned with beeswax. It should hold up to repeated fiddling, rubbing, hand washing and even some gentle chewing.  (Just avoid letting them take a ride in the washing machine if at all possible!)

Each bracelet is finished off with a pair of slide bars, one with a lobster claw clasp, the other with a short length of chain to allow for the bracelet to fit anywhere from a six to nine inch wrist.

These bracelets are also customizable! Each of these patterns can be made with different colors, or you can request the same colors, but in a different design. To those with nickel sensitivity, I do have an alternate end bar that can be used that is nickel free on request.