Rhinestone Sorter : Build your own set

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A sorting system for rhinestones, Stone Size (ss) 3-20.  Pick the sizes you need from the drop down to add to your cart to build your own set!

PLEASE NOTE: The base set includes the lid and base for the sifter tower, which will make this set much easier to use.

How it works:
- Stack the tower with which sizes you want to sort out, largest size higher up.
- Place the bottom cup onto the bottom, then pour your mix into the top cup.
- Put the lid on, and then holding the entire thing in your hand (two handed for the most balanced grip), give it a few shakes up and down and/or in a swishing motion.

The stones that are the size labeled on the cup or smaller will sift through the layers until they come to rest on the layer that's too small for them to pass through, with the smallest ones gathering in the bottom cup. If some get stuck in a cup layer, simply invert the cup and gently poke them back out with a pencil or any other handy tool.

Note: The arrows on the cups point the direction that the stones in the size listed will be, aka, in the cup underneath For example, with the ss20 cup, the ss20 or smaller stones will fall through.  If only getting a few cups, be sure to get the next size down from the main size you use as well to allow the smaller sizes to filter out into the base, leaving just the stones you want in the 2nd cup. 

The cups that fit together tightly and may need a light bit of squeezing to separate them. This allows for easier shaking of the sifter tower and far less chance of things being knocked over and spilled.

Sifter cups are 2 inch in diameter and are shallower than the bead sifter cups of that size. 

Please note that the colors may be slightly different than in the photos due to differences with in filament spools and adjustments to the gradient if and when new sizes are added.