UFO Spinner - Compact and pocket sized. Customizable!

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A spinner ring for people who don't wear rings, but still want something small, compact and pocket sized.
These spinners are about an inch and a quarter around and 3/4th inch high, each with a unique design around the band, raised up enough to allow for easy grip with either fingertip or nail, and to give a good texture for running your finger over while spinning.

Each spinner is made of 3d printed PLA plastic with a bearing in the center, covered by two 3d printed caps with indents for a good, solid grip or easy balance on a finger. Because the bearings aren't greased, there is a small sound as they spin, quiet enough to not cause a disturbance in a non-silent room, but able to be heard by the person holding the spinner, or the person next to them. (Video of the sound is available on request) With a good push, these spinners will keep going for a good 20 seconds without interference.

Designs can be customized, so if you have something you'd really want around the edge of a spinner, spot me a message and I'll see what I can make. I created the models for these myself (based on my spinner ring designs) so every aspect of these can be customized.