Unicorn Ring : A pressure point stim, customizable and 3d printed

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A pressure point stim ring with a rounded point to allow the sensation of pressing against a point, without the risk of accidentally causing harm. If you (or your child) need the tactile feedback of pushing something against your skin, this ring should do the trick!

These rings are very lightweight and made of a firm plastic (PLA, which is plant based.) They measure roughly 5.5mm / .2 inches tall, with the band being just under 2mm / 1/16th inch thick. The spike / unicorn horn is roughly 6mm / .22 inches when measured from inside the ring.

I have a very wide range of colors you can pick from. Check out the last photos in the collection for labeled swatches, or simply describe what color you'd like and I'll pick the closest. I also have a small collection of matte-finish options available by special request (please message me to ask what colors are available in this finish!)

While most of the filament I use to make these rings is made in the US (or in the EU), some of it does not specify country of origin. If the ring you order has a high likelihood of repeatedly being in someone's mouth, please let me know and I will be sure to use only US or EU made filament in its creation.

This item can also be ordered in bulk for a discount per item. Please message me for more information!

Thanks for looking, and please check out the rest of my fidgets and stim toys section!